Written by Tim Cummins on Feb. 15th 2019
Growing up I had really bad migraines and headaches. I would get a couple of migraines a month. I would get normal headaches 4 to 5 days out of the week. 

I had bad allergy issues. I was on a lot of medications...from as young as I can remember I took tons of medication.
Written by Tim Cummins on Feb. 16th, 2019
My life changed when I met a chiropractor when I was 22. He explained the core principles of corrective care chiropractic to me. He explained to me the difference between the medical paradigm and the chiropractic paradigm.
Written by Tim Cummins on Feb. 17th, 2019
Health problems and challenges are inevitable. Problems are simply part of the territory of being human. Even the healthiest of us need assistance in maintaining our highest level of well being.

I (Dr. Tim) and Infinity Wellness Center are here to help improve the health and wellness of our patients and the greater community of Aurora, Colorado. We’re passionate about helping our community achieve a high level of wellness. 
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