About Dr. Tim Cummins
One of my biggest pains is seeing the loss of potential in people. As humans we have incredible potential...but when people get sick, sometimes they accept their loss of potential. We think we don’t have the agency to change our health. That's not true. I want people to be able to reach their potential and fulfill their purpose in life.  

When I think back about my childhood there were a lot of things that happened to me that you hope childhood would NOT be like. I would get debilitating migraines a couple times a month. I would get regular headaches 4 to 5 days out of the week. I had bad allergy issues. I was on a lot of medications -- from as young as I can remember I took medication. I went to countless doctors and I never got results. The only answer I got was, “here let's just try stronger drugs and different medication and see what happens.”

I met a chiropractor when I was 22 and it changed my life. Chiropractic gave me such profound results, it gave me a vision for how I can help people so much more. By getting adjusted and learning the principle behind chiropractic, I saw the results for myself. 

The results were so profound I switched my career trajectory. I was accepted to go to medical school and was considering becoming an orthopedic surgeon. If I could help people by restoring the body’s amazing healing power...well that’s what I wanted to do. The body has the ability to heal itself. If someone is sick, I can help them get better by assisting the healing power in their body.

When I first started learning about chiropractic I could tell I made the right decision. Right away you learn we're not putting anything into the body, and we’re not taking anything out of the body. We’re trying to remove interference and allow the body's innate wisdom to communicate with itself. 

I know everybody understands their body doesn't have a vendetta against them. But sometimes it feels like your own body is out to get you. I hear the question a lot, “why is my body doing this?”  The truth is the body is doing the best job it can given the situation it's in. It has everything it needs to communicate accurately. The body is amazing and by performing chiropractic adjustments we aid its ability to overcome illness and disease.

If you are living in chronic pain or illness like I was...I understand the frustration you're going through.  Click the button below to apply for my help.  I'd like nothing more than to help you beat whatever is keeping you from living the life you want and deserve.
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